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Summit Sports Acupuncture

When you are in a place like Truckee, CA, there are always going to be places to go to relieve pain and stress. If you really want to find a place in this area that can help you with all of that, then you need to check out acupuncture. If you want the best place to get that kind of service then you need to check us out at Summit Sports Acupuncture. When we are done with you, you are going to feel like a superhero. No matter what kind of pain you are in, we really do feel like we can make you feel better, physically and mentally. All you need to do for now is head over to our website where we do a really nice job of explaining the whole process and the positives.

Summit Sports Acupuncture

11209 Brockway Rd Suite 209, Truckee, CA 96161

(530) 536-0518


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